The vast majority of aging adults would prefer to remain in their own homes.  In-home care by way of professionally vetted caregivers, also called home care assistants,  has been revolutionizing the aging landscape by providing seniors with the additional support they need to live safely at home, rather than move to an assisted living facility or residence. For many aging adults, warning signs such as increasing forgetfulness, falls or injuries may alert them and their loved ones that additional support is needed, but they may not know where to turn. Home care service is based upon the principle that the client should remain as independent as possible and reside in a safe and healthy environment. To that end, most home care agencies work hard to make sure that their caregivers create this type of environment for their clients so that they can live as much of their life independently with an appropriate level of care to maintain a high quality of life. Often times, caregivers are brought in when someone has had an injury, such as a fall, or has a chronic illness. However, it is just as likely to see a caregiver helping a client garden, or escorting a client to the bookstore, or playing a game of chess – activities that keep the client active and mentally stimulated.

Understanding what exactly caregivers do and sorting through the spectrum of options can be time consuming and trying. What is Home Care, a guide designed to answer all of your senior care questions, provides a more in-depth understanding of what services caregivers provide and how home care can have a dramatic impact for the better on someone’s life. Through many years of experience in the in-home care industry, we have compiled the types of questions that our clients and their loved ones most frequently ask and we are happy to share this very valuable guide with you.

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